MAATTI at India's 36 IFT, New Delhi

MAATTI at India's 36 IFT, New Delhi


Making products for the independent customer has always been has always been a highlight for all the international and regional traders. The platform it provides to all traders to showcase their work and abilities is something every trader waits for. Among all the exhibitors, MAATTI also showcased its work for the second time in Trade Fair and gained much appreciation. Being aware about the work and abilities of MAATTI, stall no.25 in hall no.7 (FGH) was occupied with designers notebooks, office pads, notepads, fling bags and much more.


Our Next-Gen has always been in favour of digital writing and storing their thoughts, yet it was surprising to see the vast number of turnout among youngsters buying colorful designer notebooks and notepads, so that they can store and relive their thoughts from that ‘special’ smell of paper.


Once we read somewhere,

“What’s a Kindle?”

“Like books. Only better”

“Then how do I keep the rose you got me inside its pages?” Asked the 65 year old.

These lines stole our hearts right away because of the same feeling that, why are people running away from writing and are being dependent only upon digital writing? Therefore, with this emotional aspect we started our very own designer notebook brand named “It’s Good To Write” to encourage more and more writing through these notebooks.

These notebooks were also placed in the stall and to our surprise it was loved by everyone. We were so pleased to see people connecting with that same emotional aspect and buying notebooks for their children and loved ones. Parents were quite happy to see their children being excited about these notebooks. Moreover,  there’s a news of genuine increase in the sales of notebooks and notepads around the corner, which has made our brand more popular and loved among the people. Gradually, people are turning back to physical methods of recording their thoughts because they find it more tactile, intimating and engaging. It’s Good To Write has engaged itself in minimal yet innovative designs with detailing that wooes people to their hearts.

Apart from these notebooks which were the attraction for children, coloring books, funky wrapping papers and eye catchy posters were also loved by them. There were many designer and personalised products for the big ones too. Fling bags, fling laptop bags which can be used for daily purpose were also appreciated by people. Planners and office diaries had also catched a lot of eyes and left an impression on them.

MAATTI has always been privileged and honoured when it come to reaching at masses and the love people show towards us. There has always been a promise from our side to nurture and care about the ones who love us and give them what we are good at as a sign of our gratitude because we know how gifts are always special for everyone.

To get these beautiful and designer notebooks and notepads of It’s Good To Write contact us today and make your writings exclusive and artistic in your own way.


                                                                                          With love from-  MAATTI ;)


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